Demand justice for Greek shipwreck victims

The Adriana, a severely overcrowded fishing trawler, capsized on June 14, 2023, leading to the death of more than 600 people from Syria, Pakistan and Egypt. Survivors allege that the Hellenic Coast Guard’s actions contributed to the shipwreck. Investigations against the Greek authorities have made little meaningful progress.

What’s the problem?

The Adriana, a severely overcrowded fishing trawler, sank off the cost of Pylos, Greece, 15 hours after the Greek authorities were informed about the boat and of conditions of distress on board. It had started its journey from Libya five days earlier with an estimated 750 migrants and asylum seekers, including children.

People on board repeatedly pleaded for rescue, including with the Greek Coast Guard. According to those onboard, there was no water and people had already died. Greek authorities failed to mobilize appropriate resources to rescue the Adriana and ignored or redirected offers of assistance from the EU agency Frontex.

Survivors said that, when a Coast Guard patrol boat finally arrived, the Coast Guard attached a rope to the Adriana and pulled, causing the boat to veer and capsize in the early hours of 14 June. The Coast Guard then engaged in dangerous manoeuvres.

More than 600 people died. Only 104 survived, and 82 bodies were recovered.

We all have nightmares of the ship sinking, when we close our eyes, this is what we see. Our friends that we made during the trip, we see them drown.

Following the shipwreck, the Greek authorities may also have undermined the integrity of key evidence, including survivors’ mobile phones and testimonies.

Ongoing judicial investigations by the Naval Court of Piraeus against the Greek Coast Guard have made little progress. In September 2023, 40 survivors filed a complaint with the same court alleging Greek authorities were responsible for the shipwreck.

What can I do to help?

Demand the Greek authorities ensure truth and justice for the survivors and victims of the Pylos shipwreck.