Release Hirak detainees in Algeria

The Algerian authorities are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to accelerate the pace of repression against Hirak activists, put its opponents in jail and silence the media. Call on the authorities to release all Hirak activists now.

Since February 2019 a peaceful movement has been taking place in Algeria. Known as the Hirak movement, these protests have called for radical political change in Algeria and protesters have faced repression from the government.

In response to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, activists suspended the Hirak peaceful protests. Yet, the authorities did not suspend their prosecution of its activists. The government has cracked down on the movement by arresting and imprisoning many of them. The authorities are not only punishing them for their free speech, but also endangering their health given the risks of a COVID-19 outbreak in prison.

Between 7 March and 13 April alone, at least 20 activists were either summoned for interrogation by the police, or arrested and held in pretrial detention, or sentenced on charges based only on their exercise of their right to freedom of speech or peaceful assembly in different parts of the country. At least 32 people arbitrarily detained during the Hirak movement protests remain behind bars to date.

Sign this petition and demand an end to the crackdown.

Show your solidarity and ask Algerian authorities to stop arbitrary prosecutions of Hirak activists and immediately and unconditionally release all peaceful activists.