Demand that the Nicaraguan government guarantee the right to defend human rights and the exercise of freedom of expression

Nicaragua is suffering its worst human rights crisis in decades. President Daniel Ortega’s government’s repressive strategy in the wake of the protests that began on 18 April 2018 has resulted in 328 people killed and more than 2,000 injured.

In addition, 100 journalists and media workers have been forced into exile, and more than 100 people remain in detention for participating in the protests. Journalists and NGOs have been persecuted for criticizing the government, and tens of thousands of people have been forced to flee the country.

Among the human rights defenders who have left Nicaragua are Francisca Ramírez, a peasant leader, who received death threats from senior government officials for joining the protests, and 100% Noticias journalist Lucía Pineda Ubau, who arrived in Costa Rica after spending more than six months in detention for exercising her freedom of expression. Meanwhile, those human rights defenders who have remained in Nicaragua, such as Vilma Núñez, president of the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH), continue to work in a repressive environment. In December 2018, CENIDH had its legal status revoked and its assets confiscated.

You can change this. Sign now. Human rights defenders and journalists are fundamental in demanding that the Nicaraguan government respect the rights of Nicaraguans. Call on President Daniel Ortega to stop repressing civil society, including using any measure to shut down, raid or silence civil society organizations and the media in Nicaragua.