Colombia: Investigate the murder of Kevin Agudelo

Demand that the Colombian Attorney General’s Office investigate the murder of Kevin Agudelo, and that it investigate other human rights violations committed during “Operation Siloé”.

We were running like crazy to save our lives, the shots and tear gas were coming from all directions, it was too much, we weren’t armed and we had no way of responding, they were using rifles against us that they use in wars”. Young man recounting what happened the day Kevin died.

During the National Strike of 2021, thousands of people took to the streets in the different cities of Colombia to demand their rights. The government’s response was to attack and punish those who spoke out. The greatest number of human rights violations was reported in the city of Cali.

3 May 2021 was a night of great violence, when a joint raid by National Police officers, members of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) and members of the Special Operations Group of the Colombian National Police (GOES) used lethal weapons and tear gas against people who were holding a memorial service near the roundabout in Siloé district for a young man killed the day previously, allegedly at the hands of law enforcement officers. Three people lost their lives that night, among them Kevin Agudelo, a young football player. This operation was known as “Operation Siloé”.

These serious crimes and human rights violations must not go unpunished! The Colombian Attorney General’s office must progress the investigation into the death of Kevin Agudelo and other human rights violations and crimes under international law committed during Operation Siloé to ensure that this NEVER happens again.