Peru, protect people fleeing Venezuela

“I’m staying right here until they let me through.”

On the border crossing between Peru and Ecuador, Jessica, a Venezuelan woman in her 60s, explains how she has no choice but to seek international protection in Peru. Over 800,000 other Venezuelans have already sought refuge in Peru, a country that has received the highest number of asylum requests from Venezuelans, although only granting 1,000. Peru has the laws and the opportunity to protect thousands of people like Jessica who need a country that doesn’t turn its back on them.

In Venezuela, people suffer violations of their most basic rights on a daily basis. These are massive violations of human rights to life, health and freedom that affect society as a whole. Approximately 4.8 million people have had to leave the country escaping this reality, seeking international protection.

Peru must demonstrate its leadership in the region by protecting those who need solidarity and security. Instead of turning away people in need, they must once again receive and welcome Venezuelan people.

Sign this action and ask the Peruvian government to protect the Venezuelan people fleeing their country.