Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Middle east and north africa

17 April 2013

With Bahrain about to host the 2013 Formula One Grand Prix, the spotlight has returned to the Gulf country’s human rights record. Here're some of the main issues you should know.

15 April 2013

A move by Bahrain’s government to jail anyone found guilty of insulting the Gulf nation’s King for up to five years is a new attempt to crush dissent before the country hosts the Formula One Grand Prix later this week.

11 April 2013

In Iran, the second highest user of the death penalty, suspects are sometimes forced to appear television to "confess" to alleged crimes before being sentenced to death.

10 April 2013

The wife of a hunger-striking Libyan journalist tells of her disbelief that her husband has been imprisoned for ‘offending’ the judiciary

04 April 2013

Israel’s military response to protests in the West Bank is failing to respect the human rights of Palestinians, Amnesty International said today as the number of Palestinian civilians killed by Israeli fire in the area since the beginning of 2013 reached eight.

03 April 2013

Refugees at Sudan's Shagarab camp are being kidnapped and trafficked to Egypt where they are held for ransom and horrifically abused.

03 April 2013

A comedian associated with famed satirist Bassem Youssef is the latest target of Egypt's escalating crackdown on criticism.

02 April 2013

Three executions in Kuwait on 1 April were the first since 2007, and are a deplorable setback for human rights.

02 April 2013

A court in Saudi Arabia reportedly issued a rulling sentencing a man to paralysis as retribution for a crime he allegedly committed 10 years ago.

27 March 2013

A rise in tensions between religious communities in a town south of Cairo highlights the failure of the Egyptian authorities to protect Egypt’s Coptic Christians, the largest religious minority in the country.

26 March 2013

Algerian authorities stop a delegation of 96 civil society activists and trade unionists from crossing the border into Tunisia.

26 March 2013

As the League of Arab States met in Qatar and BRICS nations met in South Africa, Amnesty International called for global pressure on all parties in the Syrian conflict to abide by international human rights law.

25 March 2013

Nineteen-year old Natan Blanc from Haifa has been jailed seven times in four months.

22 March 2013

All activists and writers held for insulting the ruler, IT crimes and taking part in unauthorized protests are said to have been released.

21 March 2013

Israel’s fence/wall cutting off Palestinians from their farmland and settlements that take over even more lands, are ongoing violations of international law.

21 March 2013

The Kuwaiti parliament's decision is a step in the right direction but much more must be done to protect the rights of more than 100,000 Bidun in Kuwait.

15 March 2013

Two years since the Syrian uprising began, we speak to Amnesty Researcher Cilina Nasser and Senior Crisis Advisor Donatella Rovera about the conflict so far.

15 March 2013

In advance of Egyptian women’s day, on 16 March, Amnesty International celebrates women’s contribution to the struggle for human rights.

14 March 2013

Two years after Syrians rose in peaceful protest against their government, the country is mired in a bloody conflict with both sides responsible for war crimes, Amnesty International found in two briefings released today.

13 March 2013

Seven men are executed in Saudi Arabia after allegedly being forced to “confess” to charges of armed robbery.

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