Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Americas

22 November 2013

There’s hardly a moment when Honduran human rights defender Bertha Cáceres is not worrying about what may happen to her for defending the rights of her community, the Lenca Indigenous People. The risk is so high that she's been forced into hiding.

14 November 2013

Youth activist Courtney Clay describes her involvement with Amnesty International's Human Rights Friendly Schools project in Bermuda - one of many such initiatives taking place around the world.

06 November 2013

Reports that the retrial of former Guatemalan President General Efraín Ríos Montt will not begin until January 2015 amount to a disappointing deferral of justice for genocide victims and their relatives.

05 November 2013

Presidential candidates in Honduras must promise to address the dire human rights crisis in the country if there is any chance of putting an end to the escalating levels of violence, insecurity and impunity.

04 November 2013

After nearly 40 years of exile in the UK, Leopoldo García is the first Chilean torture survivor to win a landmark court case. The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has just ruled that Chile should find those responsible for his abuse and award him compensation. 

04 November 2013

Any potential trial of whistleblower Edward Snowden would amount to political persecution if it covers his revelations about the US government’s human rights violations, Amnesty International said today.

01 November 2013

A scar, a tattoo, broken bone, a toothbrush kept in a small bag, a set of teeth. These are the some of the clues anthropologists look out for when faced with a set of human remains of one of the hundreds of people who die every year in the Arizona desert.

30 October 2013

The Mexican government’s decision to release indigenous teacher Alberto Patishtán after more than a decade is a long overdue recognition of the injustice done to him, but it should spur a complete review of countless unfair trials.

25 October 2013

Guatemala’s former military ruler Efraín Ríos Montt was the first in the continent to face genocide charges in court but the historic process is now in jeopardy.

25 October 2013

This week’s revelation that the USA’s National Security Agency (NSA) has spied on 35 world leaders has only further exacerbated international outrage about its massive electronic surveillance programme.

24 October 2013

Reports that Guatemala may open the door to an amnesty for former President Effrain Ríos Montt would be a travesty of justice and send the country back more than a decade.

24 October 2013

The decision of Colombia’s Constitutional Court to throw out reforms of the country’s military justice system is a setback for government attempts to shield from scrutiny human rights violations committed by the security forces

22 October 2013

New evidence indicates that the USA has carried out unlawful killings in Pakistan through drone attacks, some of which could even amount to war crimes.

22 October 2013

The Mexican government’s fine words on human rights bear little resemblance to its actions on the ground, Amnesty International said one day before the country comes under the scrutiny of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

21 October 2013

There are serious ongoing concerns for the safety of indigenous protesters in Colombia amid escalating violence against them by the security forces and after their leaders received a death threat from a right-wing paramilitary group.

18 October 2013

A recent legislative change in the Dominican Republic is stripping dominicans of haitian descent of their nationality – and all the rights that come with it.

18 October 2013

The Dominican Republic should not implement a Constitutional Court ruling that could leave hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of foreign descent stateless

16 October 2013

Former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet was detained in London on 16 October 1998 in a move that changed the idea of international justice forever.

15 October 2013

A new photo exhibition documents the perils thousands of people from Central America face when making their way across Mexico every year.

10 October 2013

Following the death of Herman Wallace last Friday, who was held in solitary confinement for over 41 years, Amnesty International is launching a campaign for the release of his co-defendant Albert Woodfox.

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