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Press Releases

19 May 2010

French politicians urged to reject ban on full face veils

Amnesty International is calling on French law-makers to reject a draft law banning the wearing of full face veils in public that was adopted by the government and put before Parliament today. 

Region Europe And Central Asia
Country France
18 May 2010

Zimbabwe: 700,000 forcibly evicted still ignored five years on

The government of Zimbabwe must take action to protect hundreds of thousands of people left to survive in substandard settlements five years after a program of mass forced evictions, Amnesty International Zimbabwe and a coalition of partners said today.

  • Demand Dignity
Region Africa
Country Zimbabwe
18 May 2010

Sudanese authorities shut newspaper in crackdown

Amnesty International has urged the Sudanese authorities to end their crackdown on freedom of expression following the arrest of four employees of an opposition newspaper in a late night raid by security forces.

  • Freedom Of Expression
Region Africa
Country Sudan
18 May 2010

Malawi: Couple convicted of “gross indecency” must be released

Amnesty International calls on the Malawian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release a couple convicted today on charges of “gross indecency” and “unnatural acts”.

  • Discrimination
Region Africa
Country Malawi
17 May 2010

UN must investigate Sri Lanka rights violations

The United Nations must set up an independent investigation into massive human rights violations committed by both government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam forces during the country’s civil war, Amnesty International said on the first anniversary of the end of the conflict.

  • Armed Conflict,
  • Crimes Against Humanity And War Crimes,
  • Impunity,
  • International Justice,
  • Refugees, Displaced People And Migrants,
  • United Nations,
  • Security with Human Rights
Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Sri Lanka
17 May 2010

Human rights groups condemn two new Belarus death sentences

Amnesty International has joined leading Belarusian human rights groups in condemning the death sentences handed down to two men convicted of murder in the city of Grodno.

  • Death Penalty
Region Europe And Central Asia
Country Belarus
17 May 2010

Thailand: Military must halt reckless use of lethal force

Thai soldiers must immediately stop firing live ammunition into several large areas in Bangkok where anti-government protesters are gathered, Amnesty International said today. 

Region Asia And The Pacific
Country Thailand
14 May 2010

Sudanese man facing execution in Saudi Arabia over ‘sorcery’ charges

Amnesty International today urged the Saudi Arabian authorities to intervene to halt the possibly imminent execution of a Sudanese man who was sentenced to death for “sorcery”.

Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Saudi Arabia
12 May 2010

Israeli government urged not to jail nuclear whistleblower again

Amnesty International today urged the Israeli government not to imprison nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who is facing a return to jail within days.

Region Middle East And North Africa
11 May 2010

Iran executes five political prisoners

Amnesty International today condemned the executions in Iran of four Kurdish political activists and another Iranian man, all convicted of “moharebeh” (enmity against God)”.

  • Extrajudicial Executions And Other Unlawful Killings
Region Middle East And North Africa
Country Iran

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