Human rights in Colombia in 10 numbers

With the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize going to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, here are ten facts about human rights in Colombia:

7.9 million – victims of the armed conflict, almost half of them are women. (Unidad para la Atención y Reparación Integral a las Víctimas, UARIV, September 2016)

6.9 million – victims of forced displacement. (UARIV)

267,000 – conflict-related killings, mostly of civilians. (UARIV)

4,392 – victims of possible extrajudicial executions recorded by the Office of the Attorney General (Office in Colombia of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, March 2016).

46,386 – victims of enforced disappearance (UARIV).

29,622 – kidnappings (UARIV).

11,062 – victims of anti-personnel mines and unexploded ordnance (UARIV)

8,022 – child soldiers used by paramilitaries and guerrilla groups. (UARIV)

63 – human rights defenders, including Indigenous, Afro-descendant and peasant farmer leaders, killed in 2015. Fifty-two in the first nine months of 2016. (We Are Defenders Programme).

20 – trade union members killed in 2015 (The National Trade Union School (Escuela Nacional Sindical)