NEWS FLASH: DR Congo: Arrest Sudanese President al-Bashir, wanted for genocide

The ICC has issued arrest warrants for President Bashir for his alleged involvement in war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Darfur. 

“The Democratic Republic of Congo should not shield President Omar al-Bashir from international justice,” said Muthoni Wanyeki, Regional Director for East Africa at Amnesty International.

“His visit to the country is an opportunity to enforce the arrest warrants and send a message that justice must prevail.”

If the DRC does not arrest President Bashir, it will violate its obligations under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

President Omar al-Bashir flew to Kinshasa this evening to take part in a meeting of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).  

Ten years after the conflict in Darfur started, widespread and systematic violations of international human rights and humanitarian law continue unabated.  Civilians continue to be subjected to unlawful killings, acts of torture including rape, and lootings. Over 460,000 people have been displaced in 2013 as a result of inter-communal violence and clashes between government forces and armed opposition groups.

Notes to Editor

An arrest warrant for President Bashir was issued by the ICC in March 2009 on charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes. A further arrest warrant with three charges of genocide in Darfur was issued in July 2010.

Amnesty International has called on all members of the international community to ensure full accountability for crimes under international law committed in Sudan.

Campaigners have filed legal actions to bring Omar al-Bashir to face justice before the ICC in countries he has previously visited, including Nigeria and Kenya.

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