Mexico: Journalist killing proves violence still impacting lives and access to information

The people behind the killing of journalist Jaime González Domínguez in Ojinaga, Mexico on 3 March 2013 must be brought to justice, Amnesty International said.

Jaime Gonzalez Dominguez, journalist and editor of the local electronic media outlet, Ojinaga Noticias, was shot and killed by a group of armed men who fired 18 bullets into his body before stealing his camera.

As a result of his murder and the potential risk to other colleagues, Ojinaga Noticias ceased operations. 

The repeated killing of journalists in recent years, which can only have been encouraged by the prevailing impunity for such crimes, has had a direct impact on reporting in Mexico.

Journalists and media workers have been left at grave risk and this has had a chilling effect on media coverage of violence and security issues, particularly in northern states.

It is essential that prompt, full and effective investigation is conducted into the killing of Jaime González Domínguez and that other journalists operating in the region are provided with protection.