Foreigner’s murder shows Greek failure on racist violence

The murder of a Pakistani youth in Athens is a result of the Greek authorities’ continuing failure to take decisive action against racially-motivated violence, Amnesty International said today.Two people on a motorcycle stabbed the 27-year old Pakistani as he was riding his bicycle in Petralona, Athens on 16 January and he died later of his wounds. The police arrested two Greek nationals as suspects.Marek Marczynski, Europe and Central Asia Deputy Programme Director at Amnesty International, said:      “This attack is not an isolated case. We have seen a dramatic escalation of   racially motivated attacks over the past year”. “Amnesty international has received testimonies and information for four more cases of Egyptian nationals who have been attacked and injured over the past two months in the areas of Pireus, Keratsini and Moschato.     “The Greek authorities must investigate the racist motive and bring the perpetrators to justice. “They must take urgent measures in order to put an end to the long line of the intimidating racist attacks in the country.”In December Amnesty International issued a report on the sorts of challenges and dangers faced by foreign nationals including the dramatic increase in the number of racist attacks by members of extreme right wing groups.   See:Greece: The end of the road for refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants