Addicted to Death: New Amnesty International report on executions for drug offences in Iran

On 15 December Amnesty International is launching a report on executions for drug-related offences in Iran.

The report, Addicted to Death: Executions for Drug Offences in Iran, details an alarming rise this year in the number of executions for alleged drug offences. In the report Amnesty International calls on the Iranian authorities to end the use of the death penalty against those accused of drug offences and also calls on members of the international community engaged in anti-trafficking initiatives with Iran to reassess cooperation agreements to ensure that aid to Iran for countering the flow of drugs is not used to commit human rights violations, including facilitating the use of the death penalty.

When: The report will be released on Thursday 15 December at 0001hrs GMT.

Spokespeople: Amnesty International spokespeople will be available for interview from London in English, Farsi and French.

Contact: for more information about the report, to obtain an embargoed copy of the report in advance, and to arrange interviews, please contact the Amnesty International Press Office on +44 (0) 7413 5566 or email [email protected]