Supreme Court judgment on Karachi violence

In reaction to the news that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has criticised Pakistan’s government, Karachi authorities and all major political parties in a judgement on violence in Karachi, Amnesty International said:

“The last two decades have seen successive governments fail to protect the people of Karachi, creating an environment of impunity for perpetrators of targeted killings, abductions and torture. Unless the rule of law is restored there is no hope of ending the violence that has turned Karachi into a war zone,” said Amnesty International’s Pakistan Researcher, Mustafa Qadri.

“Pakistan authorities must ensure all perpetrators of the violence are brought to justice regardless of their political affiliations or influence. They must send the message that nobody is above the law,” said Mustafa Qadri.

The Supreme Court said armed groups affiliated with major political parties are implicated in the kidnap, torture and killing of journalists and law enforcement personnel.