Amnesty International refutes Eritrean allegations

In response to allegations appearing in Eritrean media in relation to Amnesty International’s work, Claire Beston, Amnesty International researcher on Eritrea and Ethiopia, said:”The allegations that Amnesty International has conducted a secret mission to Eritrea are completely unfounded. Amnesty International has not visited Eritrea for more than a decade due to restrictions put in place by the Eritrean authorities in terms of access, and does not have any employees in the country. The suggestion that Amnesty International would infiltrate Eritrea on a top secret mission to incite an uprising is ludicrous. Amnesty International visits are undertaken with the knowledge of the respective government or authority in place, including by raising human rights concerns directly with the relevant authorities as part of our research methodology. Amnesty International would welcome an invitation from the Eritrean government to visit the country.”