Amnesty International Sign Up Support At U2 Concerts for Demand Dignity Campaign in Fight Against Global Poverty

Amnesty International will continue to promote its “Demand Dignity” campaign by giving out information at stadium’s on the European leg of the U2360° Tour.

U2360° returned to Europe this month with a show in Turin, Italy on August 6th and Amnesty volunteers were present with tables outside the stadium, giving fans the chance to join Amnesty’s campaign – which aims to end the human rights violations that fuel global poverty.

Heads of State are gearing up to discuss the Millennium Development Goals, which aim to eradicate global poverty, at the UN in late September.

“The Demand Dignity campaign hopes to rally support as the fight for Human Rights continues. It is time for states to wake up and take action to meet the goals that could lift the world’s poorest people out of poverty,” said Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Secretary General. “U2’s support gives us a chance to engage with a massive audience across all ages”.

U2 were awarded Amnesty’s prestigious “Ambassador of Conscience Award” in 2005 for their efforts in the cause of global human rights.

The Demand Dignity campaign aims to end the human rights violations that drive and deepen global poverty. The campaign mobilises people all over the world to demand that governments, corporations and others who have power listen to the voices of those living in poverty and recognise and protect their rights.