USA: Guantánamo anniversary – Amnesty International’s events across the world

In the context of the 7th anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to the US detention centre in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, Amnesty International’s members across the world will be challenging US President-elect Barack Obama to undertake concrete human rights reforms in his first 100 days in office. The recommendations include: to announce details of the plan for the closure of the detention centre at Guantánamo Bay; to issue a Presidential order banning torture as defined under international law; and to ensure an independent commission to investigate abuses committed by the US government in its “war on terror” is set up.

Amnesty International events include:

Viña del Mar, ChileWhat: Activists will be wearing orange jumpsuits and read poems written by Guantánamo detainees. When: Saturday 10 January 19:00 (Local Time). Where: Viña del Mar, 1598 Jorge Montt street (near Monument of Larraguibel) Contact: Virginie Houdmont, T: +56 2 2355945.

Ljubljana, Slovenia What: Slovenian actors will be reading poems written by Guantánamo detainees. When: Saturday 10 January, 11:00 (Local Time). Where: Ljubljana (main square – Presernov trg) Contact: Metka Naglic, T:+386 1 426 93 77

Helsinki , FinlandWhat: Amnesty International’s activists will build a Guantánamo cell. A number of activists will come out of the cell one by one representing detainees. Signatures collected at the event will be sent to President-elect Obama. When: Saturday 10 January, 12:00 (Local Time). Where: Centre of Helsinki at Lasipalatsi on Simonkatu Contact: Susanna Mehtonen, T +358 09 5860 4443 [email protected]

Lima, Peru What: Activists in orange suits and white masks will kneel in ‘stress positions’ outside the US Embassy in Lima. An actress will read fragments of poems from Poems from Guantanamo When: Saturday 10 January, 12:00 (Local Time).

Where: In front of the US Embassy in Lima (Av, La Encalada, Cuadra 17, Surco) Contact: Núria Frigola Torrent, [email protected], T: +51 1 989180327

Ankara, Turkey What: Street demonstration in Ankara with Amnesty International’s activists wearing orange jumpsuits. When: Sunday 11 January, 12:00 (Local Time). Where: Yüksel Cad. Insan Haklari Heykeli Önü, Kizilay, Ankara. Contact: Avi Haligua – [email protected], +90 533 921 10 12. Madrid, Spain What: Demonstration with activists wearing white masks When: Sunday 11 January, 11:00 am (Local Time). Where: US Embassy, Madrid Contact: Esteban Beltran, Director of AI Spain, 00346707993102

Brussels, BelgiumWhat: Demonstration, including replica of Guantánamo cage. Orange suits filled with balloons will be released into the air. When: Sunday 11 January, 11:00 am (Local Time). Where: US Embassy, Brussels, Avenue des Arts, at the intersection with Rue Guimard. Contact: Françoise Dieryck T:+32 497 02 81 13; Lore Van Welden T:+32 486 75 55 10

Budapest, Hungary What: Demonstration to US Embassy with floating orange overalls. Actor Kornél Simon will recite a poem written by Guantánamo detainee Jumali al-Dossari. When: Sunday 11 January, 09:00 (Local Time). Where: US Embassy, Budapest, Hungary Contact: Bernadett Sebály +36 70 329 6417

Dublin, Ireland What: Activists wearing orange jumpsuits will pose in ‘stress positions’ to protest against Guantánamo and renditions When: Sunday 11 January, 12:00 (Local time) Where: Daniel O’Connell Statue, O’Connell Street, Dublin Contact: Kieran Clifford, T: 00353 863424027

Shannon Airport, IrelandWhat: Seventh Guantánamo anniversary vigil and protest against renditions When: Sunday 11 January, 02:00 pm (Local time) Where: Shannon Airport, County Clare Contact: Sarah Clancy (00353 867924095) and John Lannon (00353 878225087)

Copenhagen, Denmark What: 600 people will gather near the US Embassy in Copenhagen. They will be wearing orange boiler suits and masks with pictures of some of those still held in Guantánamo. Some will be in chains. Everyone will walk to the Embassy where we former Guantánamo detainee Murat Kurnaz will collect the masks and deliver them to the Embassy. When: Sunday 11 January, 14:00 (Local Time). Where: Event will start at Østerport Station and end at the US Embassy, Dag Hammerskjölds allé. Contact: Ole Hoff Lund, T:+45 26 83 81 84.

Washington, USA What: Rally and fast When: Sunday 11 January, 12:45 (Local Time). Where: Dupont Circle park, Connecticut Ave, NW Contact: Sharon Singh, T: +1 202 544 0200×289, M: +1 202 459 8703

Miami, USAWhat: Demonstration When: Sunday 11 January, 11:00 (Local Time). Where: Lincoln Road, South Beach area, Miami Contact: Sharon Singh, T: +1 202 544 0200×289, M: +1 202 459 8703

Montréal, Canada   What: Demonstration to US Embassy (1155 rue St-Alexandré). When: Sunday 11 January, 11:00  (Local Time). Where: Philips Square in Montréal, Québec Contact: Anne Ste-Marie, T: +1 514 268 4983.

Further events will take place in: Lima, Puru (11 January), Rome; Italy (17 January), Washington, USA (20th January), Jakarta, Indonesia (20th Anniversary)

For more information on these and other events or to organize an interview with one of Amnesty International’s experts, please contact:

Josefina Salomon, press officer, P: +44 207 413 5562, M: +44 7778 472 116, [email protected] END/