Turkey: Death following police detention

Amnesty International calls for a prompt, independent and impartial investigation into the circumstances of the death of 29 year old Engin Ceber who died today after alleged torture by police, prison officers and gendarmerie.

Engin Ceber was arrested along with others on 28 September, while protesting against the continued impunity of Turkish authorities in the case of the shooting a year ago of Ferhat Gercek.

He was allegedly stripped naked, kicked and beaten repeatedly with wooden truncheons during the course of his detention in police detention and prison custody. His lawyer said he was transferred to hospital on 7 October due to the injuries he had sustained. He died from his injuries in the afternoon of 10 October.

“The death of Engin Ceber is further proof that torture and ill-treatment are rife in places of detention in Turkey. Those responsible for his death must be brought to justice,” Amnesty International said today.

“The Turkish authorities must demonstrate that such actions are not going to be left unpunished.”

Two other people also arrested with Engin Ceber and allegedly tortured, are still in pre-trial detention at Metris prison in Istanbul.

Amnesty International is issuing an urgent action appeal calling on the authorities to ensure they are not also subjected to torture and other ill-treatment and that they receive necessary medical treatment.