FACTS AND FIGURES – Mexico: Women’s struggle for safety and justice

Violence against women Almost one in four women in Mexico has suffered physical and/or sexual violence at the hands of an intimate partner. (Encuesta Nacional sobre la Dinámica de las Relaciones en los Hogares, 2006)

82 per cent of women victims of violence did not report it to the authorities. (Encuesta Nacional sobre la Dinámica de las Relaciones en los Hogares, 2006)

There are 60 shelters throughout Mexico. Thirty-six are run by civil society organizations and the rest by state or municipal authorities.

Investigations and convictions In Chiapas, 90 per cent of reports of violence against women are referred for conciliation because government officials concluded the victim’s injuries were insufficiently serious or the victim was not determined to seek prosecution. (System for Integral Family Development)

In 2005 in Ciudad Juárez, 177 local public officials were implicated by federal investigators in the negligent criminal investigation of the murder of nearly 300 women over a 10-year period. Virtually none of those implicated has been held to account.

In San Salvador Atenco, police were accused of torture and sexual assaults against at least 26 female detainees between 3 and 4 May 2006. Despite state and federal level investigations, to date only six officials have been charged, all for minor offences.

Legislation The General Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free from Violence was enacted in February 2007. Since then, many states have approved similar legislation but not yet taken concrete measures to ensure the law is properly funded and enforced.