Amnesty International to publish 2007 global death penalty statistics

On Tuesday 15 April Amnesty International will publish its global death penalty statistics, looking at how many people were executed or sentenced to death across the world during 2007.

The report will include details on how the global totals are calculated, and tables on the the number of executions per country in 2007 as well as the number of death sentences passed. It concludes with some considerations on the death penalty figures and the challenges involved in uncovering accurate figures.

Key background facts from previous years are:

•    135 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice. •    62 countries retain and use the death penalty, most often as a punishment for people convicted of murder. •    At least 1,591 people were known to be executed in 25 countries during 2006. The true figure was certainly higher.

The new figures for 2007 will be made public on Tuesday 15 April.

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Interviews will be available in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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