EU Leaders meeting with Erdoğan must share responsibility



9 March 2020

EU Leaders meeting with Erdoğan must share responsibility

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Against a backdrop of violence and rights abuses against people at the border between Greece and Turkey, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will tonight meet with the President of the European Council Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen. Ahead of the meeting Eve Geddie, Director of the Amnesty International European Institutions Office, said:

“In the past few days we heard from people who were beaten up and forced back to Turkey after attempting to enter Greece, including some who had been stripped naked and robbed of his money. It is unthinkable that in the EU people are being subjected to such inhumane, intentionally humiliating, treatment.”

The EU can still change course. If it is to stand by its founding values of human rights, solidarity and dignity, the EU must ensure that any new deal on migration with President Erdoğan has those fundamental values at its core.

“That Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and Portugal have agreed to welcome children is a good start. But more countries need to agree to share responsibility.”

Amnesty International is calling for the EU and its Member States to support Greece in ensuring effective access to asylum and adequate reception conditions. They should share responsibility for asylum-seekers in Greece and Turkey, by relocating people within Europe and committing to meaningful resettlement efforts from Turkey.

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