Public apology regarding Amnesty International Netherlands magazine cover

Amnesty International has taken the decision to pull the magazine Glamoria and the organisation apologizes unreservedly for its publication.

The magazine, produced by Amnesty International Netherlands, was in extremely poor taste and entirely at odds with our values and objectives as a global human rights movement.

It is clear that the magazine trivialized the suffering and trauma refugees have experienced fleeing their homes, particularly women. We realise the images also compounded sexualized gender stereotypes that harm and objectify women, specifically women of colour. We are conscious that the use of life jackets as a prop was particularly hurtful to people who have depended on these for their survival. We are profoundly sorry for this.

Amnesty International Netherlands never intended to offend anyone and deeply regret the choices that were made in relation to this magazine. They realise this has been a mistake and has distracted from the urgent need for action to end the dire situation for many trapped on the Greek islands.

Amnesty International are reviewing the process which led to this magazine being produced to ensure that lessons are learned. We will be issuing renewed guidelines to national sections to ensure that will not happen in the future.