Luz Dary

“I just want protection without discrimination”

Luzdary is a 19-year-old transgender woman who lives on the Caribbean coast. When she decided to speak openly about her gender identity, she was rejected by her family and now lives with friends who are also LGBTI activists. A year ago, she was part of a group that organised a march for LGBTI rights in the city where she lives. The next day, there was graffiti sprayed on the wall of her house. She later received a threatening leaflet from an armed group. Other members of the organisation have also received threats and six months ago one of her friends was murdered. She believes this was part of a plan by the illegal groups that control the area to run them out of the neighborhood. Luzdary has become known in her city for taking a stand and for always wearing clothes bearing messages of activism. She requested protection measures but was denied; they claim that she is only at risk because she puts herself at risk through her activism.  

Download video, banners and pictures of Luz Dary in this link

Take action. Demand the new president to prioritize the protection of Human Rights Defenders like Luz Dary in his government plan

. @IvanDuque The prevalence of violence against human rights defenders and community leaders cannot be ignored any longer. How will your government programme protect defenders and prevent attacks against them and the communities they defend? #PazDesprotegida #Brave