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“Without your family, you have no protection”

Flor is a rural dweller from the Norte de Santander region. She is 45 years old and the head of her household. As leader of a rural community action committee, she calls for improved living conditions in her community and publicly denounces the paramilitary forces in the area. She has made repeated requests for protection measures. After a couple of men on a motorcycle rode past her house and fired shots at the building, Flor decided to request protection once more. The result was not one she expected. Months later, the Colombian Family Welfare Institute removed her children from her custody, saying that her activism put them at risk. Her “normal risk” classification did not prompted the state to take safety measures, but caused her to be separated from her children against her will.

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Take action. Demand the new president to protect Defenders like Flor in their government plans

[email protected] the prevalence of violence against human rights defenders and community leaders cannot be ignored any longer. How will your government programme protect defenders and prevent attacks against them and the communities they defend? #PazDesprotegida #Brave