Nigeria: Police threaten to burn down homes amid violent forced eviction

Approximately 50 armed police officers and a bulldozer have arrived at Badia East community in Lagos and are carrying out a forced eviction including by threatening to set fire to resident’s homes unless they leave, Amnesty International said today after speaking to residents.

“This is a very chaotic scene, and threats by the security forces to set fire to people’s homes has caused fear and panic to spread rapidly among residents. Forced evictions are prohibited under international law and the Nigerian authorities must abide by their commitments and desist from these brutal demolitions,” said Morayo Adebayo, Amnesty International Nigeria’s Researcher.

“At least 50,000 residents of Lagos’ informal settlements have had their homes destroyed by the authorities since 2013 and it is appalling that these communities are having to live in constant fear and trepidation. Resorting to forced evictions only creates more problems – and homelessness – in a rapidly growing city with a huge housing crisis.”


Amnesty International has been documenting forced evictions in Lagos State for more than 10 years. These evictions are carried out without adequate prior consultation, notice, compensation or alternative accommodation. In some cases they have been carried out in violation of court orders staying the evictions.