Human rights under fire in Cameroon: Facts and figures

0 – There has been no response received from the Cameroonian authorities following Amnesty International’s letters sharing the findings of our research on human rights violations and requesting information.

6 – This is the number of letters sent since July 2015 to the Cameroonian authorities raising concerns and requesting updated information. Recipients include the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Defence, the Head of the military in the far North region, the Head of the National Police and the Head of the National Gendarmerie, and the Secretary-General to the Presidency.

13 – Girls as young as 13 were used by Boko Haram to carry out suicide attacks.

16 – Civilians including two children were killed, and over 150 houses were burnt down when Boko Haram fighters attacked the town of Bia on 17 April 2015.

25 – The number of men that the Cameroonian authorities say died in custody on the night between 27 and 28 December 2014 in two makeshift cells following their arrest in the villages of Magdeme and Doublé. Other eyewitnesses say the numbers could be higher, but the authorities have yet to provide the names of the deceased, or the location of their bodies. 130 men arrested during the raid are still missing.

30 – Civilians were killed by Boko Haram fighters on October 2014 in the village of Amchide, – in addition to 8 members of the security forces.

33 – At least 33 people were killed and more than 100 were wounded in the city of Maroua following three suicide attacks by suspected Boko Haram militants between 22 and 25 July 2015. There have been seven different suicide bomb attacks in the far north region of Cameroon since July 2015.

40 – Number of prisoners reported to have died in the Maroua’s prison between March and May 2015.

84 – Number of children – over half under ten years-old – illegally detained for six months in a children’s centre following a raid by the Cameroonian security forces in the town of Guirvidig.

200 – At least 200 men and boys were arrested on 27 December 2014 during a search and cordon operation by the Cameroonian security forces in the villages of Magdeme and Doublé.

380 – At least 380 civilians have been killed during the conflict between Boko Haram and the Cameroonian security forces since January 2014.

1,000 – Since January 2014, Cameroonian security forces have arrested at least 1,000 people suspected of supporting Boko Haram.

2,000 – At least 2000 troops of the BIR (Rapid Intervention Battalion) were deployed since August 2014 alongside forces from the BIM (Mobile Intervention Battalion) to combat Boko Haram’s violence in the far north region of Cameroon.