Amnesty International mobilizes international solidarity against repression in Russia

Amnesty International is launching a week of action to demonstrate worldwide solidarity with Russia’s embattled civil society on 6-12 October 2014.

With colourful campaign events Amnesty International members in different countries will highlight the plight of:

• Independent journalists in Russia – gagged, threatened and even murdered with impunity; 

• Non-governmental organizations – smeared, fined and forced to close down for independent and critical work spuriously presented as “political activities” in the interests of foreign sponsors;

• Protesters – denied the right to express their views in public spaces; arrested and tried in unfair proceedings;

• LGBTI community harassed by means of a homophobic law and denied freedom of expression 

A short briefing and a series of features gathered on the ground in Russia are available on request.

To request an interview and further information about the Week of action, please contact: 

Lydia Aroyo, [email protected], +44 (0)7904 398 285, +44 7771 796 350