Pre-election human rights manifesto for Tunisia released

As Tunisia prepares for upcoming legislative and presidential elections Amnesty International has issued a manifesto for human rights outlining 10 pledges electoral candidates must commit to in order to deliver on human rights for all Tunisians. 

Ahead of the elections, scheduled for October and November, the organization is seeking to get candidates to uphold the following key demands: 

1. End discrimination and violence against women 

2. Fight torture and other ill-treatment 

3. Make security forces accountable

4. End impunity

5. Guarantee the independence of the justice system 

6. Uphold the right to freedom of expression

7. Uphold the right to freedom of association

8. Protect refugees and asylum-seekers 

9. Realize economic, social and cultural rights

10. Abolish the death penalty 

For further information please see the full manifesto:

To arrange an interview please contact:

 Sara Hashash, MENA Press Officer at Amnesty International’s International Secretariat

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