Amnesty International’s Secretary General to visit Moscow

Salil Shetty, Secretary General of Amnesty International, will visit Moscow from 9-10 September 2014. 

The visit comes amid mounting evidence about Russia’s alleged role in the conflict in Ukraine, where Salil Shetty will be visiting on 7-8 September. 

He will urge the Russian authorities to practise, ensure and promote respect for human rights both within and outside their borders. 

He will denounce increasing attacks against independent civil society in the country and urge the authorities to: 

• stop the harassment of independent civil society organizations by forcibly branding them “foreign agents”;

• stop the suppression of free independent voices in the media and online; 

• stop the intimidation, reprisals and other attacks against journalists and civil society activists who expose allegations of Russia’s role in hostilities in Ukraine; 

• respect the right to peaceful assembly and halt the arrest and prosecution of peaceful protesters; 

• repeal homophobic legislation and other laws which stifle the right to freedom of expression and assembly. 

For more information, please contact: 

In Moscow: [email protected]/ +7 (495) 690 1852

In London: [email protected] / +44 20 7413 5599 / +44 (0)7771 796 350 

You can also follow Salil Shetty @SalilShetty