Brazil: Military police issued “yellow card” after brutal repression

The Brazilian authorities’ promises that the opening of the World Cup would be a global celebration ring hollow as police brutally repressed peaceful protesters in Sao Paulo, injuring at least two journalists, Amnesty International said. 

“We are issuing military police in Sao Paulo with a yellow card for attacking peaceful protesters instead of guaranteeing the right to protest and the safety of the participants,” said Atila Roque, Director of Amnesty International Brazil. 

“Brazilian authorities must, without delay, investigate why excessive force was used against peaceful protesters, bring those responsible to justice and ensure this does not happen again.” 

According to eye witnesses, military police fired tear gas and stun grenades against peaceful demonstrators in Sao Paulo – around 10 kilometres from the stadium where the opening match of the tournament will take place later today. 

Amongst those injured is the local producer from the international broadcaster CNN.