France: Ukrainian refugee in urgent need of protection

The French authorities must ensure the protection of a Ukrainian political refugee who sustained a horrific attack in his home in Strasbourg earlier this week, said Amnesty International. 

Andrei Fedosov, a human rights activist reported that he was attacked on Monday night by an unknown Russian native speaker. He told Amnesty International that the masked assailant bound his hands and feet with tape and stabbed him in the stomach and the leg with a Stanley knife and a razor.   

The attacker interrogated Andrei about his human rights activities and stole the hard disc from his computer. 

“This is an extremely worrying development. During the EuroMaydan anti-government protests activists have been abducted and tortured by unknown assailants in Ukraine, and at least four protestors have died. This is the first time that someone has been targeted across international borders,” said Heather McGill, Amnesty International’s expert on Ukraine. 

“There is a real perceived risk to Andrei Fedosov’s life and the French authorities must do everything in their power to protect him.” 

Andrei has been active and visible recently in Strasbourg campaigning on behalf of the anti-government protests in Ukraine

During the two preceding days he received an anonymous threatening note, and some bullets were left on his doorstep. He reported the threats to the police in Strasbourg, but they did not offer him any protection. The police are currently investigating the case. 

“The French authorities must ensure that whoever carried out this attack is identified and brought to justice,” said Heather McGill. 

Andrei Fedosov was granted political asylum in France in 2011 after he had been attacked and tortured in Ukraine following his exposure of  corruption and human rights abuse in psychiatric hospitals in Ukraine.