Syria: ‘The man they were shooting at is actually my husband’

By Maha Abu Shama, Amnesty International’s Syria campaignerIn a week of winding our way to a refugee camp near the Syrian border, we spoke to dozens of people who had fled the violence, but remarkably few of them were women.Finally, when we reached al-Ramtha transitional camp on the fourth day, I was told that one of the five residential buildings there hosted a few families who had just arrived from Syria the day before.Leaving our cameras at the door, we were given two hours to speak to the refugees, so my colleague and I split up to make the most of the time.Entering the building where the families were said to be, I noticed a few children playing in a big bare hall that led to the kitchen and toilets. Five doors along its length opened into the rooms where the families were staying. Not knowing where to begin, I randomly chose a door and knocked.