Photos show life in Zimbabwe after 30 years of independence

On Sunday, Zimbabwe commemorates 30 years since the end of colonial rule. However, the celebration of Zimbabwe’s independence is marred by the plight of hundreds of thousands of victims of human rights violations for whom freedom and dignity remain out of reach.To mark the 30-year anniversary, Amnesty International has released a series of exclusively commissioned photographs showing the effects on those who were evicted en masse in 2005 under Operation Murambatsvina.The photographs provide a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people living in informal settlements, set up on the outskirts of Harare after the forced evictions.The images show their daily struggle to cope under a government that seems unwilling to address past human rights violations and their effects.The victims of Operation Murambatsvina are not the only ones who continue to be denied justice. Thousands of victims of state-sponsored human rights violations, from the 1980s in Matabeleland to the 2008 state-sponsored election violence, are still waiting, 30 years after independence.