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Imagine a world in which your government is running a campaign against people like you. They will want you to hold an ID that specifies that you belong to a disadvantaged minority. Would you really have the guts to use your ID when picking up a package at the post office? Going to the doctor? Applying for a job? This will now to be the reality for trans people in Poland. Would you feel safe in that world?

By embracing my real self, I got control and power over my life

Having to pretend you are someone else is a mental effort. It's always been something that held me back. Now all that energy that previously went into keeping up a façade can go to more useful things. 

My legal documents do not reflect my gender identity

This is a daily challenge. Not only am I outed every time that I have to use my ID, but my document also has my dead name on it, a name I didn’t even use before transition, because I never identified with it.

My message to trans people and activists in Poland: Don’t give up! But we need international support and solidarity to counter this ban