Helena was shot inside the police station

On the evening of 10 September 2020, Helena Sebastião Mussunda, 15 years old, was fatally hit by a shot fired by a PNA agent in the district of Ossos, Cazenga municipality, Luanda province.

Earlier that evening, some youths were fighting in the neighborhood.  Some residents of the neighborhood, to end the fight, took one of these youths to Ossos police station. Many people began to crowd inside and outside of the police station, asking the police officers to solve the fight.

The police proceeded to disperse the gathering, and a police officer shot several times. One of the bullets hit Helena, who was inside the police station, in the chest. She died immediately. Helena was two months pregnant. The police officer responsible for the shots left the police station when he realized that Helena was without vital signs. Residents, angered by Helena’s death, set fire to the police station which was practically reduced to ashes.

Helena is not the first victim to die at the hands of PNA agents in the municipality of Cazenga. On the morning of 3 July, Kilson, also 15 years old, was on a sports field a few blocks from his home when a police car approached, and without any warning, the agents started shooting at the children. Kilson was hit in the head and died.