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He was celebrating the birth of his first child

On 9 May, police officers shot António Vulola, a 21 years old young man, to death while trying to disperse people from the street in the Huambo neighborhood, Luanda province. On that day, Toni Pi, as he was called by his friends, hosted family members and friends for lunch to celebrate the arrival of his first child who was born on 5 May. According to witnesses who gave interviews to Amnesty International and OMUNGA, at around 10 pm, Toni and his friend André accompanied other friends to the public transportation stop, and on their way back home, they noticed five uniformed officers of the PNA who were beating and dispersion a gathering of young people a few meters down the street. Toni and André started to run back home because they were not wearing a mask. The police officer then fired at the running men. Toni was fatally hit in the head. According to information provided by the police to Toni’s family, the officer responsible for his death is being investigated.