Blog Action Day – three of our favourites

By Ben Beaumont London,
On Blog Action Day, thousands of bloggers, vloggers and social media people dis their thing to raise awareness about one big issue. © PATRICK HERTZOG/AFP/Getty Images

Here are a few of our highlights from this year’s mammoth global day of blogging on the theme of ‘inequality’.

Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their musings, poems and infographics for this year’s Blog Action Day. We were really impressed with the quality and variety of all your entries, and clearly inequality is an issue that stirs up passions and stimulates debate. We had loads to read through, so it all took a little longer than we thought – but here are three of our favourites.

From Istanbul to London: In Search of Equality by Ekin Caglar
Did you know that pavements were an equality issue? Neither did we, until we read this fascinating and colourful story.

We Need Feminism Because Gender Inequality Still Exists in Western Society by Tina Kia and Jeannie Lin
A timely look at why feminism still matters in a world where victims of sexual crimes are accused of ‘asking for it’.

El Tiburón by Jessie Mae
A poetic and moving account of how one man is struggling to access adequate medical care in Mexico.

We’re always on the look-out for great blogs and good writers – if you’ve ever written something on any of the issues close to Amnesty’s heart, let us know on Twitter @AmnestyOnline or We’d love to hear from you.