#HowFreeAreYou Twitter chat

We will be attending The Internet Governance Forum (IGF) which will be running from 2-5 September in Istanbul.

The purpose of the IGF is to get people talking about all things Internet governance (IG) related and to get the opportunity to get these thoughts across to the people in power. The forum is attended by governments, Intergovernmental organization (IGO) Tech companies and of course, the public.

With this in mind we want you to put your thinking caps on. We are holding an online privacy Twitter chat on 2 September at 5pm UTC. You will be given the chance to ask our panel of experts whatever you like regarding your digital rights. Either post your question now or save it for then, but remember to use the hashtag #HowFreeAreYou to make sure we see it!

The panel consists of:Nighat Dad, Director, Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan
Dixie Hawtin, Human Rights and Internet Policy, Global Partners Digital
Joy Liddicoat, Human Rights Specialist, Association of Progressive Communications (APC)
Quirine Eijkman, Head of Political Affairs, Amnesty International Dutch Section

So what are you waiting for? Get your questions in and please spread the word by retweeting the post below with your Twitter followers!

Who might see my data using #Heartbleed? Ask a question on digital rights ahead of our #HowFreeAreYou twitter chat.