What is #MyBodyMyRights all about?

By Edward Herbert
By Edward Herbert, Amnesty International’s Social Media Co-ordinator

In a perfect world we would all make our own decisions about our health, sexuality and whether we want to have children, without fear of violence and discrimination.

Unfortunately, all over the world we are seeing our right to make these decisions abused by the state, medical professionals, even family members. To give just one statistic: according to the UN, 150 million girls across the world under the age of 18 have been sexually assaulted, 50% of whom were under 16 when it happened.

At Amnesty International, we want people to be aware of these stark realities while we campaign for the day when they can be considered history. This is where the My Body My Rights campaign, launched on 6 March, comes in. Its fundamental aim is to stop the control and criminalization of sexual and reproductive rights.

For the launch, we worked with Japan-based art student, Hikaru Cho, who uses acrylic paint to create hyper-realistic looking, surreal works of body art. She created five paintings to illustrate five sexual and reproductive rights. Take a look at our Facebook album to see how impressive her work really is.

4 ways you can join our campaign

We want the whole world to know about My Body My Rights and the extraordinary talents of Hikaru Cho. Here are four ways you can help.

On Amnesty.org: Sign our petitions at bit.ly/bodyrights and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends on every social media channel under the sun.

On Twitter: Follow @AmnestyOnline or the hashtag #MyBodyMyrights and retweet everything that takes your fancy including the images. Also, comment on what you think of the campaign (obviously that it’s great) and let us know online – we’ll try our best to get back to as many people as possible.

On Facebook
: Go to our Global Facebook page and share the album. You can comment on what human right you think each image represents. Do it!

Take part in our competition: Tell us what My Body My Rights means to you by creating your own art, and you could win a signed copy of one of the paintings that Hikaru produced for our campaign. Draw on your arm, take a selfie or paint a picture. You can submit it via our Tumblr page, or by emailing us at mybodymyrights@amnesty.org, tweeting and Instagramming using the hashtag #MyBodyMyRights or by posting on our Global Facebook page. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us and support My Body My Rights!