‘We don’t eat, we don’t sleep’: A message from Kenya on World Habitat Day

Recognize this lady? It’s Diana Nyakowa from the Deep Sea slum in Nairobi, Kenya, who’s on the front cover of WIRE September/October! As our campaign to #endforcedevictions in Kenya kicks off today – World Habitat Day – she sent us this message:

“I feel excited because we are fighting an enemy. We are tired of forced evictions every year. We want to force the government to act on land and housing for everyone.

“As women, when we are evicted, we have so many challenges in our lives. Children cry for you to bring them food. Now we live with the threat of a road being built through our homes.

“We don’t eat, we don’t sleep – we just don’t know when the bulldozers will come. We are worried because our Governor Evans Kidero says he’s going to clean Nairobi.

“And we know what he means when he says that: The slums are the dirtiest houses in this city and he wants the investors here, not us.”

Take action

Please support Diana and her community by signing our petition to #endforcedevictions at http://bit.ly/18nKxKx

Find out more

Read ‘Even the rats in my house are worried’, our feature about Diana’s community, Deep Sea, and the recent destruction of another slum in Nairobi, Kenya. See page 4-6 in WIRE September/October.

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