More than 20,000 sign our #TellTheTruth petition

The good news is, more than 20,000 of you across the world signed our petition, calling on Sri Lanka’s authorities to #TellTheTruth about past and present abuses, and stop them from happening again.

Thanks to those of you who signed, we have a powerful message for the authorities – one that Dr Manoharan (whose story we shared here in August) will be taking to the UN Human Rights Council in two weeks, where Sri Lanka will be discussed.

That message has been bolstered by a recent visit to Sri Lanka by Navi Pillay, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. In a public statement released at the end of her week-long visit, she highlighted ongoing human rights violations in the country, saying: “The war may have ended, but in the meantime democracy has been undermined and the rule of law eroded.” She also highlighted the case of Dr Manoharan’s son.

The recognition of this case has come at a crucial time. Dr Manoharan’s fight for justice for his son’s alleged killing by Sri Lanka’s security forces continues and has gathered huge momentum in the past few weeks. Thousands of you have signed our petition. Many – from all parts of the world, including Cyprus, Nigeria, Pakistan and the USA – have sent in photos in solidarity with Dr Manoharan. Thank you!

Tweet Sri Lanka’s president

In the wake of Navi Pillay’s visit, Sri Lanka is clearly on the world’s human rights agenda. So what better time to ask President Rajapaksa to answer our call for the truth? And how else, but by speaking to him through the one channel we know he’ll hear – social media.

Starting today, Amnesty activists will be posting comments on President Rajapaksa’s Twitter feed and Facebook page. Join us.

A keen tweeter, and champion of 158,000 Facebook likes, we know the President will take notice – particularly when he sees how global this call for the truth really is.

Act now

On Twitter: click the button below to tweet President Rajapaksa

On Facebook: go to President Rajapaksa’s Facebook page –  find any post and leave the following comment:

President Rajapaksa show you are committed to ending human rights violations in Sri Lanka. It’s time to #TellTheTruth

Our petition is now closed.