Nicaragua’s butterflies of hope

By Jeremy Bloom and Vittorio Infante from the Central American team,

Thanks so much to all the people that have created their butterflies online and on paper! If you haven’t already please show your support. You can create your own butterfly here:

In July, we delivered the first butterflies to girls that have survived sexual violence. We wanted to show them just how much power their words have had and how they have inspired people all around the world to stand in solidarity with them.

Argentina Espinoza, Director of the Ixchen Centres for women and girls in Nicaragua, told us how important the butterflies have been for the girls and the centre staff; ‘We really appreciate all the expressions of solidarity as they give us energy to continue with this struggle” See the full video here.

One brave girl, a survivor of sexual violence, who shared her story with Amnesty International, wrote this message to the presidential candidates on the wings of her butterfly; “We young people and children are asking for freedom and that justice is done. No more domestic, psychological and spiritual violence. And I really hope that you give us a good response today. We have to break the silence and not have fear of anything anymore.”

Watch out for information on the demonstrations on 28 September and how your support contributed to girls and women defending their rights in Nicaragua.

On 28 September, please show your solidarity by making your butterfly your profile picture.