Toast to Freedom

By Jane Findlay, Social Media Officer for Amnesty International

We turn 50 on Saturday 28th May. Amnesty International will be marking this milestone anniversary with a year of actions and celebrations. We’d love you to join in!

Fifty years ago, Peter Benenson’s outrage at the imprisonment of two students for raising a toast to freedom prompted a powerful network of solidarity. Today this network unites over 3.5 million people in 150 countries in common action against injustice.

To kick start the year, in honour of that defining moment in our history, we’re asking you, wherever you are, to join us in raising a toast to freedom.

To take part all you need is a cup and a camera!Share pictures of your events on our Amnesty50 Flickr group here and why not upload one as your Facebook or Twitter profile to tell all your friends.

If you’re not attending a ‘Toast to freedom’ event you can still take part on Saturday. Send us a tweet describing the freedom that you value the most and tag your tweet #tofreedom.

Find out more at us on Facebook and Twitter (@amnestyonline) to see all the birthday action unfold.