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Social media templates

We've tried to simplify the selection of templates for our main SM media channels.   We have two different dimensions

  • 627 by 1200 px - letter box size  which works as a shared link on facebook and displays well in the twitter feed (some cropping of the preview does occur on smaller mobiles).   
  • 1200 by 1200px - square size which works well for larger images posts.

To request these templates please contact us using the form on below or by email at designstudio@amnesty.org. 


Shared link template


At the International Secretariat we use a number of the online tools to help communicate our research and human rights.  From mapping to info-graphics our focus is to use the best 3rd party tools available to convey our messages. This allows for assets created to be used across the organisation.  Our recent tool sets includes Mapme, Infogram, Knightslab tools plus a number of custom made visualisations and widgets that can be adapted for a variety of purposes.

For more information on our current tools or if you have any recommendations please contact the design studio using our contact form or by email at designstudio@amnesty.org.   

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