Idris Khattak was forcibly disappeared on 13 November, 2019. A human rights defender and a former consultant with Amnesty International, Idris worked extensively on enforced disappearances, making his abduction even more chilling. After his family, Amnesty International and many other civil society organizations campaigned relentlessly for his return – we finally have a breakthrough. Over half a year after he was last heard from, authorities finally admitted that they have Idris in their custody. Demand justice for Idris Khattak.  

Despite repeated promises to criminalize enforced disappearances, it continues to be used as a tool to muzzle dissent or criticism.

Pakistan authorities say that they will be charging Idris under the 1923 Official Secrets Act. The punishment under this act can be up to 14 years of imprisonment or even a death sentence. While we establish the veracity of the charges against him, we must keep up the pressure, that has lead to this rare admission in a case of enforced disappearance in Pakistan.

A diabetic who needs daily medications, his daughters Shumaisa and Talia, are worried about the health risks their father may be exposed to with the COVID 19 outbreak. In a piece for The Independent, Talia wrote,  “It is easy to sink into hopelessness. But then I think of what he would do in a situation like this for someone else. He would be brave, and that strength is something that no one will ever be able to disappear.” Ask #WhereIsIdrisKhattak

Let the brave Talia know she is not alone. Help her bring her father back.  Write to Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Imran Khan now and ask him to immediately disclose the whereabouts of Idris, produce him in a civil court and guarantee him justice.

Sign the petition now.

Idris’ family needs answers about his enforced disappearance. Call upon the Pakistan government to :

  • Immediately disclose the whereabouts of Idris Khattak to his family.
  • Ensure Idris is brought promptly before a judge in a civilian court to rule on the lawfulness of his arrest or detention.
  • Ensure Idris has a right to a fair trial.
  • Criminalize enforced disappearances under domestic law immediately.