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Help Clovis fight to protect the precious environment in Madagascar

Madagascar is bursting with life and extraordinary beauty.  Around 75% of its animals are found nowhere else in the world. Rare plants, including over a thousand types of orchids, spring from the wet earth. In the north of the island, among the breath-taking rosewood forests, is where Clovis, his wife and two young daughters live.

Clovis is an environmental activist. He has seen that with precious natural resources, comes corruption. The black market is booming in Madagascar. Clovis has witnessed the rosewood forest, famous for its ruby coloured bark, chopped down and sold off.

Most of this wood is shipped abroad and used to make luxury products for the rich. The industry is worth billions of dollars. With money, comes power. And people with power are trying to silence Clovis.

Clovis has faced harassment, attacks and criminal charges. He was recently charged for allegedly encouraging protesters to loot an administrative building.  Several witnesses came forward to say he wasn’t even at the protest. But they were ignored, and Clovis was handed a suspended sentence. He is now at risk. The state are pursuing him and any further allegations could put him behind bars for a long time, away from his wife and two young daughters.

There are risks to highlighting Clovis’ case. Traffickers want to silence him. He could hide, but Clovis wants to fight. He wants his story to be told worldwide.

Clovis is just one man - working against powerful and influential forces. But together, we too are powerful. Amnesty supporters are in their millions. With your support, we can become a mighty force standing alongside Clovis.

Call on the Malagasy authorities to: 

  • Dismiss the conviction against Clovis Razafimalala, and
  • Respect the right to freedom of expression and ensures adequate protection for Clovis Razafimalala to continue his human rights work.


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