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Call for justice in Jamaica now - police killings must stop

Shackelia's brother, Nakiea, was killed by police in Jamaica. He was preparing lunch in his cafe when police burst in. They were pursuing a “Rastafarian-looking” suspect, and Nakiea fit the description.  They shot him, pulled his body into a police car and drove away. Shackelia entered the shop moments later - and to her horror found only blood marks on the floor.

Grief stricken but determined for justice, Shackelia cordoned off the crime scene and began searching for the truth.

But the pursuit for justice has a high price - Shackelia faces intense and pervasive harassment by the police. The police have intentionally blocked her efforts, intimidating witnesses and coinciding raids in the community with court dates for Nakiea. 

Shackelia will not give up, and has rallied dozens of other families who have lost loved ones at the hands of the police. In the last decade, police in Jamaica have killed more than 2,000 people - mostly young men from inner-city, marginalized communities. Since January 2017, the numbers of killings by the police have increased dramatically, and most cases still haven’t reached the courts.

Shackelia has found great strength from international solidarity. “I fight for me, for my brother and for all those around me, in Jamaica and beyond.”

 Stand with Shackelia. Call on the Jamaican authorities and Prime Minister to:

  • Protect Shackelia and other families from harassment by the police.
  • Urgently reform the justice system to ensure justice for Shackelia and other relatives of people allegedly killed by the police.