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Stand with the MILPAH Indigenous people’s movement

In Honduras, there are people who are in danger because they are trying to defend their land. Tell the government to protect them now.

The MILPAH risk their lives every day to protect the land where they have lived for generations. They face threats and violence, as well as people trying to destroy their reputation; all because they defend their land and the natural resources in it.

The threats they face are real. Honduras is one of the most dangerous places in the world if you do what MILPAH do; just last year the Indigenous leader and activist Berta Cáceres was tragically killed.

Nature is at the heart of Indigenous people and they are crucial in protecting it. Without people like MILPAH standing up, land all over the world is at risk. It is the Government's responsibility to protect the people living in Honduras.

Sign the petition and demand the government recognize the legitimate work of MILPAH and properly protect them from danger.

For hundreds of years, people around the world have exploited natural resources on other people’s land and those who stand up to them, like MILPAH, are often threatened and killed, let's support them now.


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