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Ni Yulan has been tortured and thrown out of her home. China must stop persecuting her.

Imagine being dragged out of your house by unknown men having to find somewhere to sleep on the street. Now imagine this happening time and time again.

This is reality for Ni Yulan, a housing rights activist in China.  An ex-lawyer, Ni Yulan and her family watched the demolition of their home shortly before the Beijing Olympic Games. She wasn’t going to let it happen quietly. She resisted - educating neighbours about their rights and advocating on behalf of other displaced residents.  Her activism didn’t go unnoticed by the Chinese authorities - soon she was arrested and jailed simply for defending housing rights.

Despite winning international awards for her courageous work, Ni Yulan has faced nearly 20 years of harassment, evictions, and surveillance.

The police once tortured her so brutally, she was left with broken feet, smashed kneecaps and confined to a wheelchair for life.

The Chinese authorities often crack down on high-profile human rights defenders during the holiday periods. They think the international community is distracted. Show them you are still watching.

         “The government’s behaviour has attracted international attention. They should be the ones who are afraid.” Ni Yulan

Ni Yulan deserves to have a home. We must act now – sign your name and demand the harassment of Ni Yulan stops immediately. 

Call on the Chinese government, and demand that they:

  • Stop the harassment and intimidation of Ni Yulan and her family, allowing them to enjoy their rights to adequate housing in Beijing
  • Carry out a thorough, transparent and impartial investigation into the ongoing harassment against Ni Yulan and her family and bring those responsible to justice in agreement with international standards.
  • Lift the travel ban and issue Ni Yulan a valid passport to allow her to travel freely

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