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Release Chadian online activist Mahadine

Because Mahadine bravely spoke out against the Chadian government, he is in prison right now.

Everyone has the right to question the decisions made by their own government without being put in danger. Mahadine criticized the Chadian government on Facebook – but now he’s in prison and living in dire conditions.

Mahadine is a father of seven and an online activist. He told us that after he posted videos online criticizing the government, he was arrested and detained. He was beaten, electrocuted and starved of food and water for days. His health is deteriorating and if he does not receive treatment soon, it will only get worse and put his life at risk.

We need to put international pressure on the Chadian government - urgently. Sign the petition and demand the Chadian government:

  • Release Mahadine immediately and let him have the medical attention he desperately needs.

More and more people are being punished for speaking out against the government in Chad. If we do not protect those that are being punished, the situation could get worse.

Campaign Closed

This action is now closed. Over 690,000 of you took action to support for Mahadine. Thanks to you, after over 18 months in prison, Mahadine is now home with his family. Here is Mahadine’s message back to you: “I want to express my gratitude to you all. I appreciate you, I love you, I respect you. Humanity.” When our supporters come together, your voices are powerful. Thank you
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